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Market Overview

Market Overview October 24, 2014

2203 head made for a very busy week at Fairview Sale Barn. Prices for everything were in the upper strata and show no signs of weakening in the near future. Right now there is absolutely nothing on the horizon hinting at a change. There’s an abundance of good cheap feed, cow numbers are way down, the world is crying for protein with the good old USA the best source for it, and people are going out to eat good steaks regardless of the cost.

128 Fed Cattle sold steady to a buck higher than a week ago with a scratch top of $167.75. The bulk of the choice steers and heifers brought from $162.00 to $166.75. Lower yielding choice and most selects sold from $156.00 to $162.50. A few stags, heiferettes, and the lower quality sold at $154.00 and down. A few choice dairy breeds brought ftom $136.75 to $142.50. 

111 Cows went to slaughter on a steady market. An unusual number of cows were carrying excessive fill this week but overall quality improved over a week ago. Yield is everything in slaughter cows and packers refuse to pay high prices for a belly full of manure. The higher yielding by grade saw premiums bring $137.00 to $147.00. Breakers ranged from $114.50 to $125.00. Boners bracketed from $112.00 to $126.75. Lean cows sold from $106.00 to $113.50. Several pretty good cows sold below these figures because of the yield factor while some very poor ones brought much less. 

18 Bulls left town on an even keel with the better ones going for $128.50 to $142.50. 

1946 Feeder Cattle came to the sale, a surprising number with so many producers keyed on the harvest. With these would-be buyers tied to the combine seats, the order buyers kicked in and made things happen. The light, green cattle were in great demand. Also, the 13 load lots of yearling steers put a fire under things. Everything else easily found a home at very good prices. 

300#-400# (steers & bulls) $290.00 to $343.00 (heifers) $250.00 to $297.50 
400#-500# (steers & bulls) $288.00 to $317.00 (heifers) $230.00 to $277.00
500#-600# (steers & bulls) $280.00 to $311.00 (heifers) $235.00 to $270.00
600#-700# (steers & bulls) $235.00 to $259.00 (heifers) $220.00 to $250.00
700#-800# (steers & bulls) $212.00 to $258.00 (heifers) $200.00 to $225.00
800#-900# (steers & bulls) $212.00 to $240.00 (heifers) $181.00 to $200.00
900#-1000# (steers & bulls) $195.00 to $224.50 

13 Load lots of 50,000 lbs or more sold as follows----(719#-$258.00) (757#-$250.00) (763#-$245.50) (773#-$244.75) (774#-$244.75) (787#-$245.50) (797#-$233.25) (822#-$233.50) (834#-$238.75) (861#-$228.75) (928#-$222.75) (938#-$224.50).

The November Special sales schedule opens with a cow sale Tuesday November 4 and a good selection is in place featuring 35 cow/calf pairs. Then on Thursday November 13 is a feeder sale with no restrictions. On Saturday November 22 we will hold our annual fall CAB feeder sale. If you aren’t sure of the requirements for this sale, give us a call, or go to our web page.


LMA Updates - October

WLAC Eastern Regional Qualifier Results​; Contest to re-air Saturday
The following contestants earned a spot in the 2015 World Livestock Auctioneer Championship at Clifton Livestock Commission Co. in Clifton, TX. The WLAC will take place in conjunction with the LMA Annual Convention June 10-14, 2015. 

Champion: Andy White (Ashland, OH)
Reserve Champion: Philip Gilstrap (Pendleton, SC)
Runner Up Champion: Will Epperly (Dunlap, IA)
Jeff Bynum (Attalla, AL)
Shannon Davis (Winnsboro, TX)
Mark Lane (Russellville, AL)
Wade Leist (Boyne City, MI)
Brian Little (Wann, OK)
Jacob Massey (Petersburg, TN)
Jay Romine (Mt. Washington, KY) 

A re-airing of the broadcast will be Saturday, October 25 at 12:00 p.m. CT. 

ADT Webinar
Chelsea Good, LMA Vice President of Government and Industry Affairs, will be a featured speaker on a webinar explaining the federal Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) rule. The webinar will also feature a demonstration by GlobalVetLINK's Kaylen Henry of the GVL SmartEngine technology, which was developed to help eliminate the hassle and reduce the time it takes to comply with livestock movement requirements.

The free webinar will be a 12:00 p.m. CDT on Tuesday, October 28th.

Iowa Premium Beef gets set to open its doors
Iowa Premium Beef will open for business in Tama, Iowa in the next couple of weeks with 600 employees and a plan to build up production to 1,100 head of cattle a day in its first phase of operation.

Interest in the plant from cattle feeders in the surrounding area has been strong, Chief Executive Jeffrey Johnson told Meatingplace in an email. The company plans to buy $650 million worth of cattle as it ramps up over a 20-week Phase I period.

“Iowa is the No. 1 corn producing state in the nation, and therefore there are a large amount of cattle feeders located here,” Johnson said. “We plan to purchase all of our cattle from within about 150 miles of Tama. This area is able to sustain our needs and has some of the highest quality cattle in the nation.”

Tri-State Beef sets plant construction time table
Tri-State Beef Inc. expected to break ground in the spring on its new $30 million slaughter, packaging and further processing facility in Springfield Township, Gallia County, Ohio, according to local media reports.

The new facility is expected to employ 224 full-time workers. The company was provided a 55 percent, six-year Job Creation Tax Credit by the state for the plant.



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Tuesday Sales - "Packer Day"

 10:00 a.m. - Fed Cattle, Cull Cows & Slaughter Bulls -- Monthly Cow Sales 1st Tues. of Month - 5 p.m.

Thursday Sales

10:30 a.m. - Hay Auction and related Farm Items   Noon - Sheep, Goats, Cattle

October Sales Schedule

October 30, Thursday Weekly Sale--Sheep, Goats, Cattle..As of  8:30, 193 feeders, 6 test cows, 1 pair, 8 cull cows, 2 bulls.***20 hd. 400-600# double vaccinated & weaned***100 calves from Joe Webel herd.  This is the calf crop from the cows listed for the November 4th cow sale.  They had a round of shots in the spring and are coming in today (Wednesday) right off the cows.

November Sales Schedule

November 4-Tuesday-5:00-The Seasons first special cow sale. Slaughter cattle sell in the morning at 10:00

***20 black pairs, ***1 Angus bull 3 yrs old,***15 pairs and 20 spring calvers ***Offering an excellent set of commercial Sim-Angus cows! These cattle have been carefully bred and selected for calving ease and quality. Excellent dispositions and udders. All cows have been vaccinated as calves and boostered regularly for all of the virals. (Pfizer’s BoviShield and Cattlemaster vaccines) and dewormed. (Cows are due to be dewormed this fall). All of our herd bulls have been purchased through the IL Performance Tested Bull Sale from Rincker Simmentals or Fox Creek Cattle, or from the Musgrave Angus Farm. Offering Includes: 10 bred heifers bred to our Musgrave Vanguard Son , 5 fall pairs (open) 3 of which are 3 year olds
5- 3 year olds bred to Musgrave Pure Product Son, Approx 20- 4 and 5 year olds bred to our Grandmaster bull
Approx 15- 6 and 7 year olds (sired by Dream On son) with a few aged cows bred to Musgrave Pure Product or a son of STF Unanimous. Also- 7 Purebred Simmental cows- papers can be transferred upon request.
For any questions or additional information, call Joe Webel @ 217-621-7362


November 6 Thursday Regular Weekly sale-Sheep, Goats, Cattle

November 11 Tuesday Slaughter Sale-Fats, Cows, Bulls

November 13 Feeder Special along with regular sale---no restrictions.

November 18 Tuesday Slaughter Sale-Fats, Cows, bulls

November 20 Thursday Regular Weekly Sale-Sheep, Goats, Cattle

Saturday, November 22-Noon-C.A.B.

CAB Feeder Special for Angus based calves that are weaned at least 30 days and have at least one full round of shots (7-way, the virals, and pasteurella). a second round will benefit you. Make sure the required shots are given! All black cattle qualify as do half blood Angus regardless of color. Be sure they are weaned before Oct 22 and meet the other qualifications.

November 25 Tuesday Slaughter Sale-Fats, Cows, Bulls. We will have a sale!