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Reid Blossom, Executive Secretary, Illinois Beef Association

Two River Valley Cattleman’s Association

The annual member meeting will be held Wednesday February 25th 2015 (6:00) at Big Racks Steakhouse in Canton. I would like everyone to RSVP to one of the 4 people listed by Friday February, 22nd. Membership is not required for attending this event, but if you have an interest in the beef industry, we welcome you to become a member and support the cause. We know the timing is bad because the RSVP period coincides with the beginning of the IL Beef Expo. Reid Blossom will be our guest speaker for the evening. He will give an overview on the policies your IBA has involvement in. He will cover what your check-off dollars are doing. He will explain the possible restart of the Illinois check-off. Then open the door for questions and answers. It will be a very beneficial appearance.

Annual dues are $25 per farm/business and the meal will be $15.00 per person.

RSVP to,  and for any other  information, please contact one of the following members:

Laura Fidler   309.224.2225                            Justin Gillespie  309.525.4074

Derek McFarland      309.339.7574                        Neal Wright      309.224.6286

Two River Valley Cattleman’s Association----some insight.
By no means is the founding of this association a competition with any of the other Cattleman’s Associations that are doing such a great job of promoting our beef industry. You are to be highly commended and keep up the good work. This Association replaces the former Peoria County Association. This newly formed chapter is intended to give cattlemen in central Illinois a membership in an association a little closer to home and has no boundary requirements. Any cattleman is welcome to join. Hopefully this can be as successful as others around us.



Two River Valley Cattleman’s Association

The Two River Valley Cattleman’s Association has been recently formed. It has taken the place of the Peoria County Beef Improvement Association. This change has occurred because of the way the cattle industry is represented locally. There are fewer producers that are producing more pounds of beef every year. As the number of producers decline, so do the number of people that can actively promote the beef industry. We are no longer a single county association but one that seeks to represent producers from a multi county area in Central Illinois. Our goal is not to infringe on the work of current associations but to fill a vacancy where there is not currently an active association.

The lack of local like-minded people to be actively engaged has caused many county associations to fall by the wayside and take with it many years of tradition. What the general public does not understand is the commitment that people in cattle industry have made and continue making is driven by the desire toproduce a high quality, affordable, and safe products for them to consume. Ladies and gentleman this is an area where the Two River Valley Cattleman’s Association can use your help.

We, as an association, want to do our part in educating the people in our area about agriculture and in particular the cattle industry. This endeavor should not just be limited to beef producers. It needs to be accomplished by everyone that has a direct interest in sustaining the cattle industry in a global economy. The 21st cenntury cattle producer is supported by a diverse network of professions. Bankers, equipment suppliers, feed suppliers, laboratory scientists, grocers, meat packers, lawyers, accountants, veterinarians, mechanics, insurance agents, schools, economist, agronomist, nutritionist, and the list can go on and on.

It is our job now to carry the torch so it can be passed off to the next generation. Carrying the torch involves educating today so we can preserve what we have for tomorrow. We have to create excitement locally and get people from all professions to help in this task. One person or a small group of people cannot accomplish the goal. We should remember the opening paragraph of the FFA Creed for our inspiration: “I believe in the future of agriculture with a faith born not of words but of deeds-achievements won by the present and past generations of agriculturalists; in the promise of better days through better ways, even as the better things we now enjoy have come to us through the struggles of former years.” Words have the power to build and solidify faith but deeds lead to achievement. If you would like to help the Two River Valley Cattleman’s Association in achieving its goal then you are most welcome and wanted.

Market Overview Week of February 17, 2015

267 Head defied the arctic air and came to the auction this week, one of the smallest weeks on record for us. We will catch up tomorrow, though, as around 1500 head will be on tap for the weaned/vaccinated feeder special. Click for more info


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Log onto   Then, click on "create account".  You will need to create your account, Fill out the first time user information, creating an ID and password that you create.Then, you will use your ID and password each time you want to watch our sales.  If you have any questions, please call the Fairview Sale Barn, 309-778-2225.



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Tuesday Sales - "Packer Day"

 10:00 a.m. - Fed Cattle, Cull Cows & Slaughter Bulls -- Monthly Cow Sales 1st Tues. of Month - 5 p.m.

Thursday Sales

10:30 a.m. - Hay Auction and related Farm Items   Noon - Sheep, Goats, Cattle

February Sales:

Thursday February 26 regular weekly sale-hay, straw, sheep, goats, all cattle   

MARCH, 2015 SALES    

Tues., March 3

  • 10 AM-Slaughter Sale

  • 36 open black cows

  •  5 PM-Cow Sale

  • 3 Angus bulls 2-yr olds Owner retired, sold his cows in Dec and held the bulls til now. Campbell bulls with S Dakota origin. 1-Moore Beef, 1-Sitz Upward, 1-War Party.

  • 30 hd 5-8 years old most are black bred to Nichols Angus bulls to begin calving mid March.

  • 15 fancy 1st calf heifers with big strong January calves out of top ABS A/I bulls.

  • 14 black cows bred to Sunnyhill Angus bulls to calve the end of March. 1/2 are 6 yrs old and under.

  • 16 blacks bred black mixed ages.

  • 35 head dispersion of Black White Face and Hereford cows bred to an Angus bull to calve in May mixed ages.

  • 25 head dispersion of running age black spring calving cows bred to Angus bull.

  • 50 hd dispersion of mixed cows 6-yrs old to short/solid bred to black bulls to begin calving mid March.

  • 2 young registered Angus cows and two older cows

Sat. March 7,   - Hobbs Bull and Female Sale with guest consignor Eathington Angus. 50 performance-tested bulls, 20 bred cows with complete performance records, 10 bred heifers, 10 show heifers ready to walk in the ring, and 20 relacement heifers. Note---at least 20 of the advertised bred cows and heifers will have calves at side by sale time.


Thurs., March 19 - Noon - Thurs. - Special Feeder Sale, no restrictions  


April Sales

Thurs., April 2, Greek-Easter Lamb Sale - all sizes

Tues April 7, p.m. - Cow Sale 5 PM

Sat., April 11, Noon - Wean-Vac Sale  - Cattle must be weaned 30 days, have 1 round of 7-way, pasteurella & viral shots.  No bulls please!