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Upcoming Cow Sales

Saturday, March 3, 1 p.m.   Hobbs/Eathington Angus Sale -

  • 60 bulls, 60 females     To view catalog, copy and paste in address bar:

Tuesday, March 6, 5 p.m.

  • 20 heifers bred to Hobbs Boulder; 20, 3yr olds; 20 4-year olds; 30 cows 5+ years; bred to Hobbs/Eathington & Bewley Farm Bulls; CC&E

Tuesday, April 3, 5 p.m. -

  • 10 Registered Angus Bulls - Kiesewetter Angus

  • Breeding Bulls, Double J Farms

Tuesday, May 1, 5 p.m.

Tuesday, June 5, Pending Cow Sale, 5 p.m. 

Upcoming Special Feeder Sales--Noon:


Thursday, March 8, no restrictions, noon

Thursday, March 22, Wean-Vac, noon**

Thursday, April 5, Wean-Vac Back to Grazing Sale, noon**

Thursday, April 19, no restrictions, noon

Thursday, May 10, no restrictions, noon

Thursday, June 14, no restrictions noon

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2-9-18 Market Overview

475 cattle sold this past week at Fairview Sale Barn. The foul weather and a misguided weather forecast for a lot more snow to come was definitely a factor both in the size of the run and in the number of buyers in the seats. A goose neck full of cattle traveling in the snow on slick roads does not fit the plans of many would be buyers, so who can fault them for staying home.

111 fed cattle sold 1-3 dollars higher on this weather influenced storm market. Packers were short on deliveries and needed cattle because the widespread snow storm (with more expected) slowed down movement from farm to plant. A $132.50 top was achieved with most grades moving upward with it. Several top yielding choice and better brought from $130 to the $132.50 top. The practical market for high yielding choice traded from $127.50 to $129.50. Low yielding choice brought from $124.50-$126.50. Mixed select-choice 1’s and 2’s ranged from $125.50 -$127.50 with select 1’s-2’s at $122/down. A few heavy choice weighing from 1650#-1840# brought $124.50 to $127. Fed heiferettes were $90 to $109.50. A consignment of fed bulls sold from $109-$114.50.

93 slaughter cows sold a dollar or two higher on a run which was short on the breaker grade.

                                    High Yield                 Ave Yield                   Low Yield

Premium Whites    87.50-90.50                        75-85

Breakers                   --                                 few 55-60                --

Boners                       61-66                         55.50-60                  54.50/down

Cutters                      59.50-60.50                        54-57                         50.50/down                                   

Return to Farm       Fancy (91-114)       Good (79-84)          Rest (73/down)

15 slaughter bulls sold higher bringing 82-87 for the top yielding, 75-80.50 for average yield, and 73/down for the rest.                      

216 bred cows sold. 60% of them were 6 years old and younger. The weather reduced the number of spectators in the crowd, but the small gathering came to buy cows and did so. The snow storm likely affected prices somewhat although it was still a good sale.

A few bred heifers brought from $1225 to $1475 for the best with a few smaller or wild ones $975/down.

There were 60 head of 3-4 year olds with the top 40 head bringing from $1425 to $1750 averaging $1511. Smaller cows and 2nd periods brought from $975 to $1225. The best 5-6 year olds generally sold from $1175 to $1460 with lesser quality including small cows and 2nd periods from $910-$1050. 7 and 8 year olds brought $1050 to $1250 for the best and from $675 to $1000 for the rest.

Older cows saw prices for 9 year olds to short-solids in a range of $1050 to $1260 for the very best and $725 to $1000 for lower quality and 2nd periods. Aged cows brought from $1000 to $1210 for the top end and a small premium to kill price for the rest.

Only 40 feeder cattle came to market as conditions and the threat of more snow almost completely wiped out the run. Obviously, no market trend was available. Weather permitting, next week’s run will be a big one as it is a special feeder sale featuring weaned and vaccinated cattle along with whatever else shows up. We could have 1200-1500 head for the sale.

Mark your calendars for Saturday March 3rd. It’s the Hobbs/Eathington Angus bull and bred or ready to breed female auction. 60 of each will be offered and it will be a top of the line sale.





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Well, I have officially become an author as my book has been published. Laura is strictly in charge of marketing books locally. It is now available in hundreds of outlets including Barnes and Noble, Ingram, Amazon, and Kindle. Here is the direct link to purchase a book on line:…/Bob-Fidler-Alone-But-Never-Lo…


 "Alone But Never Lonely"

By Bob Fidler

The publisher and my niece, Lori Long, have developed a web page,, to promote the newly published book. Not only does it contain information about the book, it has photos of the subject's home on Great Slave Lake along with his sled dogs.There are also several mood pictures of summer scenes on the tundra of the Northwest Territories of Canada taken by me while canoeing in the very region he trapped.

Laura has a new supply of books available at the sale barn available for purchase.


Alone But Never Lonely
by Bob Fidler

Gus D’Aoust (1897-1990) was a legend, an icon of the Northwest Territories. He was a well-known adventurer, explorer, hunter, and above all, a dedicated and passionate Barren Land trapper. In this inhospitable environment beyond the tree line, he lived his life doing what he loved. His endeavors came near the end of the late, great fur trading era when white trappers stretched across the Tundra for hundreds of miles. This is his story including labors, hardships, philosophy, and other life events and experiences as told by him to the author in 1973.

Bob Fidler, teacher (now retired), enjoyed many years of Canadian canoe tripping throughout Ontario and parts of the Northwest Territories. Born into a family of outdoorsmen with hunting and fishing a way of life, it was so easy and natural for him to become absorbed in the life of the subject.




2017 World Champion Auctioneer, Brian Curless, will travel for and represent the Livestock Marketing Association for the next year. Many, many congrats to someone who we have always considered to be a Champ! Come to Fairview for all our special cow and feeder sales and listen to the champion sell cattle.


brian and truck


Tuesday Sales - "Fats, Cull Cows, & Bulls"

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Noon - Sheep, Goats, Cattle


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