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Congratulations to our Brian Curless....he was Reserved Champion Auctioneer for 2015.  We are very proud of you, Brian. 

The winner was Brandon Neeley from Alabama.



From Fairview Sale Barn:

We have inquiries at the sale barn almost daily from owners and law enforcement people about stolen cattle and are asked to be on the lookout for them.

May this article be a word of caution and warning to all our friends, customers, or any cattle person anywhere. This is an example of just how much of a risk we face daily. Having gone through a similar episode recently, we know the feeling of being a victim and going through the process of recovery on a personal basis, and folks….it ain’t fun!. There are scum bag thieves everywhere and often they come from the most unexpected places. So, stay on your toes, count often, and be alert for anything out of the ordinary.

Posted: Thursday, July 2, 2015 9:00 pm By Rachael Van Horn Staff Writer 

According to a release of information by Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, Kiley Wayne Johnson of Henryetta, 19, was arrested on felony warrants charging him with eight counts of larceny of livestock.

The warrant was issued by the Okmulgee County district court after the investigation revealed that Johnson had stolen seventeen head of calves and thirteen head of cows from five different victims who reside near Henryetta in Okmulgee County.

 According to TSCRA spokesman Jason Skaggs, the organization has seen a remarkable uptick in cattle thefts in Oklahoma and Texas.

 The organization urges cattle owners to stay vigilant regarding daily head counts and marking their cattle. They also ask that just as soon as a cattle owner notices cattle have gone missing, they should contact law enforcement.

 "Time is of the essence," said TSCRA Special Agent Bart Perrier.  "That's Such a cliche phrase but so vital in agriculture because most of the time, if you wait, your beef has already been slaughtered."

 A current remarkably strong market is behind some of the increase in cattle theft, according to Skaggs

 "I think mainly it's because cattle prices are good and the thieves are wanting to capitalize on that fact," Skaggs said. "Cattle thefts are up, all over the place really."

 According to Perrier, who led the multi-county investigation, during the fall of 2014 Johnson started stealing cattle and selling them at local livestock markets. The investigation found that Johnson, with the help of others, began stealing livestock which were eventually sold at livestock markets in Oklahoma located in Okmulgee, Checotah, Bristow and Hugo.

 At present, the "others" have not been named publicly as the investigation is still ongoing, Perrier said.




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