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2016 Special Sales

Feb 11 We will have a small feeder special which is open to restrictions. A few small consignments are booked and one of 57 preconditioned (weaned and vaccinated) steers and heifers. This sale will be smaller than the big January sales, but will have equal quality.


Feb. 13, Saturday---Special Cow Sale               Don Lowery 50 Bred Heifers and 130 Cows  Simmental/Angus. This is a dispersal of reputation black cows which will begin calving April 1. About 1/2 are 6-yrs old and younger. Their calves are always the very best when coming to our sales. Heifers have a 75 day calving period, weigh 1200#, and have a fresh Scour Guard shot and poured. Everything has been on a full vaccination program.

Tolley is bringing 13 head of highly bred home raise 1st calf heifers with big fall calves at side and they are open. All have generations of A/I pedigrees and all vaccinations are current.

Brown will have 8 bred heifers to calve March 1 with a 60 day window bred to an easy calving Angus bull.

Farnham sells 35 A/I bred first calf heifers.

This is not a totally closed sale, but we don’t want any marginal quality or old cows.

 Feb. 20, Sat., Wean/Vac Special

Tues., March 1 - Cow Sale, 5 p.m.

Saturday, March 5, 2016 - 1 p.m. -- Hobbs/Eathington Angus Annual Bull and Female Sale

Thurs., March 10 - Special Feeder Sale

Thurs. March 17 - Easter Lamb Sale 30-45#

Thurs. March 24 - Special Feeder sale

Tues. April 5 - Cow Sale 5 p.m.

Thurs., April 14 - Special Feeder Sale

Thurs., April 21 - Greek Easter Lamb, 40#+

Thurs., April 28 - Special Feeder Sale                    


Fairview Sale Barn

The figures I gave to the Knox County Cattleman’s group Saturday night demonstrate the tremendous swing our January cattle market has taken in the last five years thanks to January of 2015. The figures should clarify the questions that were asked after the meeting.

This is a small sample size based on Fairview Sale Barn, but is very representative of the large scope. These figures are for the month of January sales only and all cattle whether a baby calf or a high priced bull are included.

January 2012     8654 head       $8,635,135       $987.82 per head

January 2013     7940 head       $8,054,283     $1014.39 per head

January 2014     7542 head       $8,541,951     $1152.48 per head                  

January 2015     7658 head     $12,368,071     $1615.05 per head

January 2016     8167 head       $8,838,737     $1082.25 per head

As can be seen by the gross per head figures, yearly average for the month had some slight variations, but they aren’t too drastic. Of course, the big blip on the 2015 radar screen is a freak and caused some turmoil in our business. $170 fat cattle did this to the market and with the exception of the ‘present’, did nobody any good.

It caused record high prices for replacement cows and sent shock waves through the cattle feeding sector. Purchases by these two entities were way too high, but that was the market at that time and if anyone was to stay in, he had to pay the price. The result for the cattle feeder was a $300 to $600 per head loss. And…the farmer who bought those high dollar replacement cows a year ago has some expensive cows running around in his pasture.


Market Overview Feb 5, 2016

657 Cattle came to the auction this week at Fairview Sale Barn.

157 Fed cattle sold. It was a nice quality run of slaughter steers & heifers as the market climbed higher by about $3.00/cwt.  Higher futures late last week and a higher country trade helped fuel the market.  Muddy conditions continue to be a huge factor in determining yield. Choice 2-4 brought  129.00 to 134.50. A few High Yielding were 135.00 to the 137.75 top. Low Yielding were 125.00-128.75. Mixed select & choice 2-3 124.00-127.50 while select 1-2 122.00/down. Some Heavy Select & Choice 1610#-2050# brought from 108.00 to 126.00.        

155 Slaughter Cows had a steady market with last week. Higher Yielding by grade were: Premium Whites 84.00 to 95.00, breakers 1300-1800# 77.00-83.00, boners 1200-1600# 75.00-84.50 and lean 1000#-1400# 72.00-78.50. A few returned to farm at 97.00-122.00.   

215 Bred Cows sold in the cow sale. Prices for the larger consignments were as follows:  a consignment of 16 fancy black bred heifers weighed 1200# and brought $2027 with a $2090 top. A dispersion of 56 head of black cows was split about 50-50 between older cows and younger. The young end 3-6 years old weighed 1325# averaging $1875 per head with a $2090 top for four head and the older end weighed 1335# with a $1235 average. Another dispersion of 23 black cows saw the 3-6 yr olds bring $1950 weighing 1178# topping at $2150 and the older end selling for $1518 weighing 1427#. 43 very large Simmental/Angus cows 8-11 years old brought $1343 with a $1610 top and weighed 1592#.

There were very few young cows among the rest and prices were somewhat erratic as most brought $1050 with a hand full in the $1400 to $1500 range if they had youth, size, and eye appeal. Several brought below $1000 and there was good reason for it. The killer market is not nearly like it was a short time ago so none of the cows got much support from it. Also, a farmer won’t take home a wild cow, or one with a questionable bag, or a super thin or gimpy one and many of the cheaper ones answered that criterion.

11 Bulls saw the best at 104.00-110.00, average at 93.50-99.0, and the bottom end at 90.00/down.

113 Feeder Cattle went to market on a mixed quality and varying price range. The small numbers kept the buying crowd at a minimum and several calves showed that corn is cheap as flesh was pretty extreme. There was not enough in any class or weight range for a market test.

Next Thursday is a small feeder special open to all feeder cattle. There are no restrictions. Also, next Saturday the 13th is a cow special featuring the dispersion of the Don Lowery herd of 50 bred heifers and 130 cows. Other consignments are: 13 Heifers with fall calves, 35 bred heifers, and 8 bred heifers. Several more heifer pairs are pending. 300 head are expected. Saturday Feb 20th is a feeder special restricted to weaned and vaccinated feeders.


Thursday, February 11 is the next feeder special open to all --no restrictions .

Saturday, February 13 is a cow sale featuring the Don Lowery dispersion of 50 bred heifers and 130 bred cows along with another consignor of 13 head of highly bred 1st calf heifers with big fall calves at side. Another consignment of 8 bred heifers is coming. This is not a totally closed sale, but we don’t want any marginal quality or old cows.

Saturday, February 20 is the next sale feeder sale restricted to weaned and vaccinated feeders which had to have been weaned by January 20th and have at least one round of the required vaccinations. Call the sale barn for details (309 778 2225).



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