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June 21, 2016

Andy White named 2016 WLAC Champion 
Andy White (Ashland, Ohio) was named 2016 World Livestock Auctioneer Champion. White also was recognized with the High Interview score. 

Russele Sleep (Bedford, Iowa) was named Reserve Champion. Jared Miller (Leon, Iowa) was named Runner Up Champion. 

Kyle Layman (Morland, Kansas) was the Audrey K. Banks Rookie of the Year. 

Tune in for the WLAC highlight show June 27 on RFD-TV 
Mark your calendar for the highlight show. It will air June 27 on RFD-TV, beginning at 8:00 p.m. EST.

Market Highlights: Cattle prices hitting a wall
It was not a good week for sellers based on feeder cattle futures. Actually, it was a terrible week for feeder cattle futures sales which translated into a terrible week for local calf and feeder cattle prices. The August contract declined more than $8 from last Friday’s close to today’s close. The shock to the futures market resulted in steer prices declining $11 to $15 based on Tennessee auction averages while heifer prices declined $4 to $8.

The price decline resulted in the value of steers declining about $70 per head from the previous week while heifer values declined $35 per head. This week’s situation was not good from a selling standpoint, but it was advantageous for buyers trying to secure cattle for summer grazing programs and for feedlots looking to fill vacant pen space. Buyers are even more excited about the fact that the capital outlay to purchase an animal is much smaller than one year ago.

2016 Special Sales


Thurs., July 7 - Special Feeder Sale

Thurs., July 28 - NO SALE, FAIR WEEK  

First CAB Sale - Saturday, November 12, noon               


Market Overview 6-24-16

383 Cattle sold at auction at Fairview Sale Barn this week The pace was a typical draggy one in a very warm summer affair. The majority were fed cattle as the seasonal large runs continue. There appears to be no shortage of fats at this time. Where did all of those complaining about lower cow numbers nationwide go? And cow numbers also stay high as open non-calvers and those that have lost calves are going to slaughter. Bulls with problems are also headed for slaughter. Feeder numbers have dwindled for obvious reasons as the grazing season is in full swing.

212 Fed Cattle sold. As the Merc continues to lose value, unfortunately so does the live cattle market!  Steer top today was 124.75 which was $5.50 lower than last week, however the bulk were $6.00-$7.00 lower.

Slaughter Steers and Heifers                                

Choice 2-4                            119.00-122.00                    

  High Yielding                      122.50-124.75                    

  Low Yielding                       116.00-119.00                    

Mixed Select/Choice 2-3   115.00-118.50                    

Select 1-2                              !14.50/down

92 Cull cows were active and sold 3.00 to 4.00 higher.  Most of the advance was on the moderate to fleshier cows although there was gain in all grades and classes.

Slaughter Cows                               High yield                  Avg. Yield                  Low Yield

Premium White                               100.00                       90.00-95.50             83.50

Breakers-1300-1800#                    84.50-91.50             79.50-83.50             78.50/down

Boners 1200-1600#                       86.00-93.00             80.00-84.50             78.50/down

Lean 1000-1400#                           79.00-83.00             73.00-76.50             70.50/down

16 Bulls were 2.00 higher on a 115.00 top.                             

Slaughter Bulls -                              High yield                  Avg. Yield                  Low Yield

                                                            111.00-115.00        103.00-109.00            101.50/down

63 Feeder Cattle made for a very light run and no real test of the market although the trend follows the Merc and is headed south. The next feeder special is set for Thursday, July 7 and is open to all feeder cattle.


 "Alone But Never Lonely"

By Bob Fidler

Laura now has a supply of books available at the sale barn.

Well, I have officially become an author as my book has been published. Laura is strictly in charge of marketing books locally. It is now available in hundreds of outlets including Barnes and Noble, Ingram, Amazon, and Kindle. Here is the direct link to purchase a book on line:…/Bob-Fidler-Alone-But-Never-Lo…


Alone But Never Lonely
by Bob Fidler

Gus D’Aoust (1897-1990) was a legend, an icon of the Northwest Territories. He was a well-known adventurer, explorer, hunter, and above all, a dedicated and passionate Barren Land trapper. In this inhospitable environment beyond the tree line, he lived his life doing what he loved. His endeavors came near the end of the late, great fur trading era when white trappers stretched across the Tundra for hundreds of miles. This is his story including labors, hardships, philosophy, and other life events and experiences as told by him to the author in 1973.

Bob Fidler, teacher (now retired), enjoyed many years of Canadian canoe tripping throughout Ontario and parts of the Northwest Territories. Born into a family of outdoorsmen with hunting and fishing a way of life, it was so easy and natural for him to become absorbed in the life of the subject.




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Sketch by Robin Ewalt



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