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Bev will be retiring from Fairvew Sale Barn on Dec. 31 after 28 years of faithful service.  Laura will be filling her shoes and they are big shoes to fill!  She will be missed by all!  Best of luck, Bev.  Enjoy yourself in your retirement!! Welcome will be a good addition to Fairview Sale Barn.

Market Overview

Thursday, November 22, 2014 -

Market Overview for Week of November 27, 2014

2649 Head sold since we last reported. The slaughter sale was somewhat curtailed due to weather and the Thanksgiving Holiday. The feeder sale last Saturday as predicted was a huge run for Fairview Sale Barn and all went well.              

98 Fed Cattle went to market this week on a mostly steady call for a pre-holiday sale. Packers of course were short a day’s kill, but it appears to have had very little influence on prices. The choice high yielding brought from $169 to the top of $172.50. Lower yielding choice ranged from $165 to $168. Selects sold from $164 to $166. Heiferettes went from $130 to $161 and some with very large carcasses brought from $142 to $162. A hand full went back to feeders.   

84 Cows were sold Tuesday. The cow track was active even though overall quality was way back from a week ago. Numbers were surprisingly high for a holiday week. By grade, there were no premiums in the run. Breakers sold from $115.75 to $125.50. Boners brought from $113.75 to $123. Lean cows fell between 106.50 and $114.50. Only a few weak ones brought less than a dollar. 

12 Bulls were culled with the best bringing from $123.25 to $134.75. A few brought less for obvious reasons.

2455 Feeder Cattle changed hands last Saturday at the annual fall CAB feeder sale. The market strengthened as the day went on as several buyers sat on their hands early waiting for things to get cheaper. That didn’t happen and when they stepped in prices elevated as so often happens. And prices remained strong throughout as buyers stayed to the end. The demand for preconditioned black hided feeder cattle is amazing and with so many sold so far this fall, numbers in the coming new year will likely be reduced. Therefore, feeder prices aren’t likely to fall out of bed any time soon. Demand should out pace supply in January and make the cow/calf producer a happy camper.The better front end feeders by weight sold at top figures. Several with a clubby look brought much less as cattle feeders and the packers discount them. Most of these brought lower figures and are not included in the following weight and price over view.……………..

300#-400#   (steers) $290 to $363 ave $324   (heifers) $275 to $318 ave $301

400#-500#   (steers) $275 to $336 ave $307   (heifers) $245 to $311 ave $281

500#-600#   (steers) $244 to $288 ave $278   (heifers) $240 to $288 ave $260

600#-700#   (steers) $238 to $276 ave $255   (heifers) $225 to $280 ave $258

700#-800#   (steers) $213 to $263 ave $252  (heifers)  $213 to $252 ave $243

800#-900#   (steers) $203 to $245 ave $234

Don't forget the monthly cow sale Tuesday December 2nd. It will feature lots of fancy cows and bred heifers. These will be the type of replacements to please anyone. This would be a good place to get cows to build a foundation for a top herd. There is no better place in agriculture than owning cows right now, and this will continue to be true in the forseeable future. 

LMA Offices Closed Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving
The Livestock Marketing Association offices will be closed this Thursday, November 27 and Friday, November 28 for the Thanksgiving holiday. We wish you and yours a happy Thanksgiving! Safe travels. 

WLAC Midwestern Regional Contestants announced; Contest broadcast online
The 2015 World Livestock Auctioneer Championship Midwestern Regional will be at Coffeyville Livestock Market in Coffeyville, Kan., on December 4. It will be broadcast on beginning at 10:30 a.m. CST. 

Justin Abell — Sigourney, IA
Jared Anstine — Holden, MO
Justin Banzhaf — Cambridge, NE
Mitch Barthel — Perham, MN
Jake Bettencourt — Hilmar, CA
Leon Caselman — Long Lane, MO
Dan Clark — Winner, SD
Justin Dodson — Welch, OK
Mike Godberson — Pawnee, OK
Dillon Gross — Bradleyville, MO
Roger Hoffman — Shady Point, OK
Brennin Jack — Prince Albert, SK
Eric Lassiter — Bartlesville, OK
Kyle Layman — North Platte, NE
Rick Lehman — Gilbert, AZ
Blake McDaniel — Tallassee, AL
Justin Mebane — Bakersfield, CA
Daniel Mitchell — Cumberland, OH
Billy.J. Monk — Weatherford, TX
Bill Nance — Sheldon, MO
Brandon Neely — Southside, AL
Ethan Schuette — Washington, KS
Jeff Showalter — Broadway, VA
Robb Taylor — Perkins, OK


Feeder Cattle Review: Lighter runs, anxious farmer feeders
Compared to last week, steer and heifer calves sold steady to 5.00 higher with instances 8.00-10.00 higher on calves throughout the Southern Plains and Northern Plains.  A light test of yearling feeder cattle continued to sell fully steady to 3.00 higher.  Demand remains very good on all weights of calves and true yearlings. 

Harvest is winding down across the Corn Belt and the cheapest corn prices in four years is causing many Midwestern and Northern Plains farmer feeders to consider "walking off" a portion of their crop to town.  This has farmer feeders anxious to get their cattle bought and placed in their yards with the record corn crop near harvested.  Last week’s cold front also boosted calf interest with widespread hard-freezes which will eliminate many airborne viruses plaguing new calf purchases this fall.  Optimism remains high at this time as buyers continue to be eager bidders to replace the fed cattlethey have sold at historically high prices.  The calf market has come through the heavy auction offerings and the deliveries in October and November of prior video and direct sales relatively unscathed as country deliveries are mostly complete. 

Lighter auction runs are upon the market with the onset of holiday schedules and there seems to be plenty of demand to push feeder and stocker cattle prices even higher.  At the St. Joseph, MO Stockyards on Wednesday a part load of fancy yearling steers weighing 715 lbs sold at 267.00.  Also on Wednesday in Torrington, WY 105 head of fancy steer calves averaging 503 lbs sold with a average price of 322.54.  Very high feeder cattle prices have left producers questioning the high risk that is being encountered, however the high fed cattle market has followed suit. 

Study examines lameness in feedlot cattle and treatment options 

Knowing the types and prevalence of lameness could help to build better ways to treat and prevent it, says Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada researcher Karen Schwartzkopf-Genswein.

“We need to pay more attention to lameness and the causes of it, particularly in the feedlot where management factors, type of cattle, and pen conditions can have a big influence,” she says. “In many cases it is obvious that the animal is in pain associated with lameness and it is important that these animals be dealt with quickly and appropriately.

“The tricky part is knowing when an animal should be culled because, depending on the cause and the severity of the lameness, some animals may improve.”

Schwartzkopf-Genswein and her team at the Lethbridge Research Centre along with researchers at the University of Calgary and Iowa State University are looking at the occurrence of lameness in healthy and chronic pens by season and its relationship to other health problems. In addition, they will characterize types of lameness and identify environmental and managerial factors associated with increased lameness.

“The main focus of this project is beef cattle welfare, but obviously it is strongly tied to economics,” she says. “If an animal is lame it doesn’t get up to feed or drink so it’s losing weight, not to mention the other expenses associated with this condition including increased labour and drug costs.”

New record high for retail beef prices
The Beef Retail Price Composite (BRPC) was at $5.62 in October, up 2 cents from September.   This is a new record high.

Retail ground beef prices were up 6 cents in October to $4.15.  This is a new record high.

Retail lean ground beef prices were up 14 cents in October to $5.97.    Retail lean ground beef prices made the biggest jump of all cuts and set a new record high.

Ten retail beef cuts were up in October; four were down.



Watch our Sales on the Internet  --


angus cattle

To qualify for the January 2 CAB sale, get your calves weaned before December 2. They are required to have at least 1 round of the required shots--don't forget the pasteurella shot.


Tuesday Sales - "Packer Day"

 10:00 a.m. - Fed Cattle, Cull Cows & Slaughter Bulls -- Monthly Cow Sales 1st Tues. of Month - 5 p.m.

Thursday Sales

10:30 a.m. - Hay Auction and related Farm Items   Noon - Sheep, Goats, Cattle

Tuesday December 2--Cow Sale 5:00

Lynn Jones Cows (85 Head)  selling at Fairview Sale Barn Tuesday December 2 at 5:00.

Mr Jones was in a bad accident, can’t properly care of them this winter, and has to disperse them. Otherwise, there is no way these cows would be available. Included are:

50 head of 3-yr old medium framed black cows--They were purchased in North Platte, Nebraska as bred heifers, calved out by Mr Jones this spring and pasture bred back to sons of Moore Beef, son of Sitz, and son of War Party bulls from Rod Campbell. Bulls were turned in June 11th. The feeding program had them getting salt and mineral on grass, then stock fields supplemented with silage. The vaccination program is current with all shots and boosters administered, and they are bangs vaccinated.

35 bred medium framed black 1st calf heifers purchased in Colorado from one ranch on October 13th as big calves. They are out of Angus crossed cows and purebred Angus bulls. He purchased 110 heifers, selected the best to breed, and sold the rest. The heifers were also bred to easy calving Campbell bulls and have had the same feeding and vaccination programs as the 3yr olds. Bulls were also turned in June 11th.

Hobbs Angus (32 Head) will sell 32+ registered cows at the special cow sale Tuesday December 2nd. Bud is in need of a hip replacement operation and has to cut back on his numbers. These are big 4-7 year old cows to calve early probably starting in January. This is a great place to start a foundation herd or add top replacements to any herd. Bud sells a lot of breeding bulls and many have come from these cows. You can raise your own top-of-the line bull here. His herd health program is the best.

Jim Windish (15 head) will be dispersing his entire herd after 51 years of cow ownership. This small herd of 15 head are big and black of mixed ages. The 3 yr old bull they’re bred to will also sell. Cows will be gentle and easy to handle. Calves from them sold last Saturday and were fancy. Jim has had enough winter chores to do him forever.

Randy Newman (11 Head) will sell 11 young purebred cows that originated from the Rehn Angus herd and will be spring calvers. He will also bring a 5 yr old Angus bull.

Several more useful cows will come to the sale. Follow this web page as we update.

December 4 Thursday Regular Weekly Sale-Sheep, Goats, Cattle

December 9 Tuesday Slaughter Sale-Fats, Cows, Bulls

December 11 Thursday Special Feeder Sale along with Regular Sale-no restrictions-all cattle welcome along with sheep and goats.

December 16 Tuesday Slaughter Sale-Fats, Cows, Bulls

December 18 Thursday Regular Weekly Sale-Sheep, Goats, Cattle

December 20 Saturday Special Wean/Vac Feeder Sale. Restrictions apply--open to all breeds weaned over 30 days with the required shots. 1. 60 calves 2. 100 or so 9-wt steers 2 loads 3.

December 23 Tuesday Slaughter Sale-Fats, Cows, Bulls

These are the last sales for 2014--See y'all in January. Thanks from the heart to all our friends and customers and have the merriest of Christmas's with health and prosperity throughout the new year.

January 2015 Sales Schedule

Jan 3 Saturday CAB Feeder Sale sponsored by LaMoine Valley Angus Association---Restrictions apply. Call us.

Jan 6 Tuesday Special monthly cow sale 5:00. Slaughter sale 10 AM as usual.

Jan 8 Thursday Regular weekly sale for all livestock & hay.

Jan 10 Saturday Annual January feeder special open to all feeder cattle--no restrictions. All are welcome.

Jan 13 Tuesday Slaughter cattle Packer Day 10 AM.

Jan 15 Thursday Regular weekly sale for all livestock and hay.

Jan 20 Tuesday Slaughter cattle Packer Day 10 AM.

Jan 22 Thursday Regular weekly sale for all livestock and hay.

Jan 24 Saturday Special Cow Sale for young front end cows and bred heifers featuring the annual sale of 100 reputation Kocher bred heifers--fancy and managed by some of the best cowmen anywhere.

Jan 27 Tuesday Slaughter cattle Packer Day 10 AM.

Jan 29 Thursday Special Feeder Sale along with the regular weekly sale--no restrictions for the cattle