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Brian Curless - Runner Up

Missouri Auctioneer Champion Contest

In June Brian will be competing in the World Series of Auctioneering. The contest will be held in Iowa this year  and he will compete against the best in North America.

Contact Brian If ever you are in need of an auctioneer--  land, estate, farm related, and most everything else. With world class credentials, you couldn't do better. There is a difference. Phone 217 242 1665, or email

Tuesday Sales

"Packer Day" 10:00 a.m.

Fed Cattle, Slaughter Cows & Bulls

Monthly Cow Sales 1st Tuesday 5:00pm


Thursday Sales

Regular weekly sales.

Hay, Posts, 10:30 a.m.

Sheep, Goats - Cattle - Noon


Cattlemen, please-please-please know and understand what a 'round of shots' means. Please click to read more!


Reminder on breeding bulls—Get your bulls fertility checked now. I talked to two vets recently and 25%-50% of the bulls they have tested are no good. Turning an infertile bull out with your cows could be the dumbest  management decision made all year. Doing it right at turn out time leaves too little time to shop for a replacement in case yours is no good. Anyway, by that time the best ones will be gone unless it has already happened.

Market Overview for Week Ending April 11

It was very busy productive week at Fairview Sale Barn. There was not a weak spot anywhere as everything brought good figures. The fires were burning leading to lofty figures: fats topped at $155, cows saw a $1.15 top, light feeder steers went above $2.60 with heifers at $2.45, 3-5 day old adoptive baby calves up to $425 per head, and Easter lambs topping at $2.55 per pound.

Producers raising the right kinds of animals, the type most buyers demand, are taking home checks of unheard of and unimaginable amounts. The bulk of the larger groups of cattle in this area have been sold and the peak is likely over especially with the farming season removing a lot of buyers from the sale barn seats and putting them into the tractor seats. It has been a tremendous run, but the rest of the spring will typically be bits and pieces, but prices will stay strong. Click to view more of the market report

April 22 - Slaughter Sale

April 24 - Regular Sale


May 6 - 5 p.m. Cow Sale  *15 cow/calf pairs - 3 to 8 year olds, *30 choice black pairs--most are young**Pending-12 registered Angus bulls. 1/2 half are 2 yrs old and rest are yearlings.

May 8 Thursday Next Feeder Special

No restrictions--Open to all

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