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Special sales through November: September 24 Thursday Feeders no restrictions-- October 6 Tuesday cow sale (pending), October 17 Saturday Annual Spoon River Club Calf sale, October 22 Thursday Feeders no restrictions-- November 3 Tuesday Cow Sale, Saturday November 14 CAB Special Feeder Sale restrictions apply, November 19 Feeders no restrictions.



Congratulations to our Brian Curless....he was Reserve Champion Auctioneer for 2015.  We are very proud of you, Brian. 

The winner was Brandon Neeley from Alabama.


Market Overview August 28, 2015

485 Head were auctioned at Fairview Sale Barn this week. Slaughter animals were quick to feel the early week downward trend of the board and consequently traded a lot weaker than a week ago throughout the cattle circuit. Where we go from here is anyone’s guess and probably the best place to watch is the boxed beef movement. If the product sells, the cattle market shouldn’t fall out of bed. The time to move calves is fast approaching and it’s a crap shoot trying to figure out what to do and when. We have no words of wisdom because there are just too many factors to consider at this time.  

229 Fed Cattle traded $3 to $4 lower on a nice run. Buyers had a lot less money to work with and were more critical in their selections. High yielding choice traded in a tight range from $146 to $148. Average yielding were $144 to $146. Low yielding choice and the better selects traded at $143 and down. Several returned to feeders from $138 to $145. Heiferettes were $130 to $138.    

111 Cows also sold $3 to $4 lower. A few premium whites ranged from $125.50 to $134 with some of them bordering on heiferettes. By class, the average and high yielding had breakers at $106.50 to $113. Boners brought from $107 to $115 and lean cutter cows sold from $101 to $111.   

There were very few Pairs and bred cows this week.

11 Bulls saw the best bring from $128 to $136 and the rest at $127 and down.

134 Feeder Cattle were sold. Quality this week was very average for the most part, but they still brought very good prices considering the downward spiral of the board. Most were thin fleshed and the buyers considered this in their purchases.

300#-500#   (steers & bulls) $242 to $295  (heifers) $230 to $270

500#-600#   (steers & bulls) $180 to $242  (heifers) $200 to $241

Not enough above 600# for a market test.

Silage is being chopped all around us and with the harvest quickly approaching, moving cattle, especially feeders, will soon be put on the back burner, so numbers will decrease until the combines are put away.

We will have a feeder special on Thursday, September 24 and several top quality calves are on the books. There is still time to wean and vaccinate, but is not required for this sale.

The first CAB sale is November 14. Restrictions apply. Calves must be weaned by October 14 and have at least one complete round of shots. This sale is open to all black cattle. Colored cattle qualify be must be at least 1/2 Angus. Call us if you have doubts about qualifications.

A little heads up is in order even though it’s very early. Our first fall CAB sale will be held on November 14th. To qualify, calves must be weaned by October 15th, and meet all requirements which will be displayed on the web page and announced here a little later. We will get the word shortly or call us if you don’t find it.




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Robin Ewalt


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Our first fall CAB sale will be held on November 14th