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Bev will be retiring from Fairvew Sale Barn on Dec. 31 after 28 years of faithful service.  Laura will be filling her shoes and they are big shoes to fill!  She will be missed by all!  Best of luck, Bev.  Enjoy yourself in your retirement!! Welcome will be a good addition to Fairview Sale Barn.

Market Overview

Market Overview November 21, 2014

738 Head went on the auction block this week at Fairview Sale Barn.

242 Fed Cattle came to the sale. The very good overall quality was a factor in making a new Fairview Sale Barn top of $174.00. In general, the market was quoted as $2 to $3 higher. Over 1/3 of the offering were high yielding choice and brought from $170 to the $174 top. Low to average yielding choice and the best selects bracketed from $165 to $169.50. Several were not finished and returned to the feedlot in the low to mid $160's. A few fed bulls, stags, individuals with extra large carcasses, and older looking heiferettes traded at lower figures. A hand full of Holsteins brought from $145.50 to $150.75.

213 Cows were sold with 179 going to slaughter, a larger number than usual as farmers are winding down the harvest and finding time to work their cows in order to get rid of those that are unproductive. With so many cows this week, the quality was all over the board as expected. But, there were a lot of excellent slaughter cows plus several grandmas that would not have survived the coming winter. Higher yielding cows by grade saw the premiums, which included some of those older looking heiferettes, bring from $132 to $151. Breakers had a $115 to $124.75 market. Boners sold from $115 to $130, and lean cows $109.50 to $115. Anything overly full or below average in quality brought less. A few weak and shelly cows sold under a dollar.    

33 Bulls sold as producers are finding time to cull. Prices remain strong for the bigger more mature high yielding types which are favored by the buyers. These sold from $125 to $135. Prices drop quickly as quality and yield slip.

250 Feeder Cattle were sold and with the exception of a handful of yearlings, very few were weaned and most of those were not vaccinate. A big majority of the males were still bulls. This made the market appear a little softer, but prices were very good for the kind and quality overall was very good.

300#-400#   (steers & bulls) $295 to $332.50  (heifers) $240 to $285

400#-500#   (steers & bulls) $240 to $272.50  (heifers) $220 to $252

500#-600#   (steers & bulls) $230 to $272.50  (heifers) $225 to $259

600#-700#   (steers & bulls) $$220 to $241     (heifers) $210 to $238

700#-800#   (steers & bulls) $180 to $240       (heifers) $180 to $240

34 of the cows were bred and sold by the head. A couple of dispersals had the best young spring calving bring from $2000 to $2600. The rest fell in place from $1250 to $1900.

Tomorrow is the annual November CAB feeder cattle special sale and the run will be huge. Over 2000 top quality calves and yearlings will be in the offering. Included will be several load lots of yearlings.

The next special cow sale is December 2nd at 5:00. Featured will be several dispersions of high quality cows and a couple of top of the line western origin bred heifers.



LMA Updates - November 20, 2014

WLAC Midwestern Qualifier Registration closes today
Registration for the Midwestern Regional Qualifying Event is due by 4:00 p.m. CST today. For more information, see

Cattle trade delayed until late in week
All was quiet in cattle country on Wednesday afternoon with bids and asking prices still not fully established. A few showlists have been priced around 174.00 in the South and 270.00 plus in the North. It looks like significant trade will be delayed until Thursday or Friday. The kill totaled 106,000 head, 1,000 smaller than last week, and down 8,000 from last year.
Chicago Mercantile Exchange live cattle contracts settled mixed from 65 points higher to 40 lower. A lack of direction was seen through the complex as traders focused on increased activity in outside markets and the potential for additional beef demand concerns over the next few weeks. December settled unchanged at 170.82, and February was up .22 at 172.30.
Feeder cattle ended the session 5 to 30 points lower with only November in the black, as the rest of the complex gave up on buyers stepping back into the market for the time being. The main concern in the markets remains the weakness in outside markets and the lack of expected strong beef demand growth in the early holiday season. Even with lower prices it has been hard to draw active trade back into the market with most traders willing to ride this move out as they sit on the sidelines. November was .12 higher at 240.55, and January was down .17 at 237.10.
Feeder cattle receipts at the Philip Livestock Auction at Philip, SD totaled 4114 head on Tuesday. Compared to last week, steers traded steady to 4.00 higher. Feeder heifers under 500 pounds were steady, 500 to 550 pounds were 4.00 higher, 550 to 600 pounds 5.00 lower and heavy weights steady. There was good demand for several long strings of feeders, and a set of replacement heifers which sold on an active market. 619 pound steer calves averaged 174.31 per hundredweight. 567 pound heifers brought 265.10.

Livestock industry will have strong rebound
Livestock producers can look forward to an economic “mini-boom” that may last for the next several years, providing opportunities for expansion of herds and flocks, Purdue University agricultural economist Chris Hurt says.  
Hurt said high grain prices from 2006-2012 led livestock farmers to downsize herds to cover the extra feed expenses. The price of livestock products increased, fewer meat products were available on the market, and consumers began to eat less meat. So this year, prices are at record highs for cattle, hogs, poultry, milk and eggs.
With record-high animal prices and now much lower feed prices, profit margins for the animal industries have risen to strongly favorable levels, Hurt said. Profit prospects have these industries ready to expand.

Obama to offer deportation relief to 250,000 workers
President Barack Obama's immigration reforms would lift the threat of deportation for at least 250,000 undocumented people who work on farms, Arturo Rodriguez, the president of the United Farm Workers union said on Wednesday after meeting with Obama.
"We were pleased to learn from the president today that at least 250,000 farm workers (and at least 125,000 California farm workers) will be eligible for deportation relief under his executive action," Rodriguez said in a statement


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Tuesday Sales - "Packer Day"

 10:00 a.m. - Fed Cattle, Cull Cows & Slaughter Bulls -- Monthly Cow Sales 1st Tues. of Month - 5 p.m.

Thursday Sales

10:30 a.m. - Hay Auction and related Farm Items   Noon - Sheep, Goats, Cattle

November Sales Schedule

November 22 Saturday, -Noon-Lamoine Valley Angus Association and Fairvew Sale Barn Sponsored CAB Feeder Special --2000 head For tomorrow’s sale—Nov 22
At 7:30 Friday evening: 2260 head are in the barn. Numbers should top out at around 2500 head by sale time tomorrow (12:00). All are weaned, vaccinated, and males are steered. This is a very nice offering of calves and yearlings. Cattle are in from 21 different Illinois counties.

November 25 Tuesday Slaughter Sale-Fats, Cows, Bulls. We will have a sale!


December Sales Schedule

December 2, Tuesday 5:00--Special Cow Sale. Consignments:

(Slaughter sale as usual-10:00 AM)

  • 20 Heifers from Duzan Angus  1200# western origin bred heifers A.I. bred to H.A. Image Maker to calve Feb 15. Negative for BVD-PI, pelvic measured, and a complete health program. The real deal!!

  • 19 cows young spring calving cows. Newsman.

  • 5 cows big Angus spring calvers. Parr.

  • 15 Angus cows & a yearling Ang bull. Cows are big and good. Complete disrersion. Windish.

  • 32 registered Angus 4-7 yrs old most to calve in February. Hobbs Angus.

  • 50-- 3-yr old cows western origin had one calf and 35 western origin bred heifers bred to 1st class bulls. Owner got hurt or these would never be for sale. More information will be coming.

December 4 Thursday Regular Weekly Sale-Sheep, Goats, Cattle

December 9 Tuesday Slaughter Sale-Fats, Cows, Bulls

December 11 Thursday Special Feeder Sale along with Regular Sale-no restrictions-all cattle welcome along with sheep and goats.

December 16 Tuesday Slaughter Sale-Fats, Cows, Bulls

December 18 Thursday Regular Weekly Sale-Sheep, Goats, Cattle

December 20 Saturday Special Wean/Vac Feeder Sale. Restrictions apply--open to all breeds weaned over 30 days with the required shots. 1. 60 calves 2. 100 or so 9-wt steers 2 loads 3.

December 23 Tuesday Slaughter Sale-Fats, Cows, Bulls

These are the last sales for 2014--See y'all in January. Thanks from the heart to all our friends and customers and have the merriest of Christmas's with health and prosperity throughout the new year.

January 2015 Sales Schedule

Jan 3 Saturday CAB Feeder Sale sponsored by LaMoine Valley Angus Association---Restrictions apply. Call us.

Jan 6 Tuesday Special monthly cow sale 5:00. Slaughter sale 10 AM as usual.

Jan 8 Thursday Regular weekly sale for all livestock & hay.

Jan 10 Saturday Annual January feeder special open to all feeder cattle--no restrictions. All are welcome.

Jan 13 Tuesday Slaughter cattle Packer Day 10 AM.

Jan 15 Thursday Regular weekly sale for all livestock and hay.

Jan 20 Tuesday Slaughter cattle Packer Day 10 AM.

Jan 22 Thursday Regular weekly sale for all livestock and hay.

Jan 24 Saturday Special Cow Sale for young front end cows and bred heifers featuring the annual sale of 100 reputation Kocher bred heifers--fancy and managed by some of the best cowmen anywhere.

Jan 27 Tuesday Slaughter cattle Packer Day 10 AM.

Jan 29 Thursday Special Feeder Sale along with the regular weekly sale--no restrictions for the cattle