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Tuesday Sales

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Fed Cattle, Slaughter Cows & Bulls

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Market Overview July 25, 2014

326 cattle came to the auction this week at Fairview Sale Barn. This is a short run, but rather typical for Fair week. Families are more interested in attending the kid’s shows and fairs than they are in selling cattle.

111 fat cattle went to market on a steady go with last week. Fed cattle prices have steadily gone up all week long due to the strong showing of cattle on the Mercantile Exchange. We had a top of $159.75 with the best yielding choice bringing $156.00 up. Lower yielding choice and selects fell between $152 and $156. Only inferior quality and those needing more finish brought less.

97 slaughter cows went to town on a continuing strong market. Of the better kinds with some yield, we saw premiums bring from $130 to $134.50 Breakers came in at $118 to $123 on a very fast market with the lesser ones down to as low as $106. Boners for the most part sold from $110-$121.50. Lean cows ranged from $100 to $115 with more very thin cows than usual in the offering.

There were very few feeder cattle this week, but the few on hand continued the very high trend with plenty of buyers in pursuit. There is no trouble finding bidders for everything. This will not change due to the ongoing futures strength at the Mercantile and with huge amounts of feed on the horizon. Only some unforeseen disaster or a major weather set back can change this.


There is some potentially positive news re the Tyson situation although nothing official has reached us at the sale barn. I will pass along what is rumored. First, IBA leadership has been in touch with one of Tyson's bigger buyers and word from him is that Tyson could begin accepting show cattle at some plants provided the cattle are accompanied by an owner signed certificate as a guarantee that the carcass will be drug free.

Also, from LMA comes a statement from the Tyson procurement office that a compromise may be in the works with signed owner certification required. The statement from Tyson at that time was that there was nothing definite just yet, but they are working on is.

Tyson continues to stress that they want no cattle that have been fed Zilmax in any form. They are very adamant re this aspect and don't want them anywhere near their plants.

We had no show cattle in today's slaughter auction, but when asked about buying show cattle, the Tyson buyer said no matter what, he wasn't going to buy any just yet. Other packer buyers in attendance were completely noncommittal. So, no tendencies can come from this front.

We are recommending to our customers that they take their cattle home, clip them short all over, put them in a dirty lot, and feed them for 60 days to take away as much of the show look as possible and any drug residue is well past the withdrawal. There is no easy or simple answer. If anyone has a better solution pass it on and I will post it.

July Sales Schedule


July 29 Tuesday Slaughter sale

July 31 Thursday Regular Weekly sale

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